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kiss doll fan

found this KiSS doll survey in OW forum (since i'm not a member, i can't post there..i think :p so yeah...i'm gonna do this here!)
i know no one here cares..i bet none of my friends (except the KiSS artists here) even have a CLUE what KiSS dolls are..
so yeah, consider this one of those meaningless entries :p

1) Character dolls, or fashion dolls? fashion dolls
1.a) original character, or fan art? any is fine, as long as it doesn't only have original clothes from that character (for fan art dolls)
1.b) what kind of fashion? high-end, low-end, j-streetwear, vintage
1.c) female, or male? both is fine, even she-males are fine

2) pixel, or non-pixel? pixel
2.a) 2-3 shades in pixel, or 4,5,6? any is fine
2.b) realistic non-pixel, or "dolls" style non-pixel? hmm..again, both is fine, i'm not that picky ;)

3) how many makes a good kiss doll?
a) shoes? socks? min. 5 shoes and min. 3 socks (i told you i'm not picky..even small sets can be cool)
b) underwear? tights/stockings? i don't usually put undies for my dolls, so even 1 is okay, and again min. 3 tights/stockings
c) dresses? hmm..min. 5
d) belts, jewelry, and other accessories? min. 3 of each
e) "do it yourself" pieces (piece little things together to make something bigger... like the little pearls and things in SakuraFairy's sets, for example. Do you just ignore those, or do you actually use them?) hmm..sometimes i use them, but not too much..3 of each item is enough, and if it's too many for 1 item, a "reset" button is much appreciated :p
f) pants? min. 5
g) how much is too much tops and skirts? 1000 of each :D (poor kiss artist)

4) How long do you play with a set for? oh..hours!! ..even days maybe :D

5) Favourite fkiss effects? snap to, and the usual hair-colour/style/makeup change buttons
5.a) Will you play with a set that doesn't have snap-to? yes
5.b) How much does fkiss contribute to a doll being playable and good? um..not that much, i LOVE old-school kiss that doesnt even have those effects yet back then
5.c) lots of fun flashy fkiss, or a simple background, minimal animation, snap-to and transparancies? oh both is SOOO fine as long as there're enough mix-n-match clothes

6) Is you screen name "Troods"? no :p

7) How many KiSS sets have you made? one collab doll (Read 7a answer for more info)
7.a) How many kiss sets do you wish you hadn't made? haha :D i've only been in ONE SINGLE collab (with Punky and a lot of other rawkin' KiSS artists), and it was one cute doll!! won't regret it in my whole entire life
7.b) How many of your kiss sets weren't dolls? hmm..none
7.c) About how many KiSS sets are in your collection? (estimated number, or size of the folder) :D thousands. seriously. i still keep the REAL OLD ones, like..Emby Quinn's first sets, RyogasGirl's, and even Jessi's first kisses ;)

8) Top 10 favourite KiSS sets!
-Jessi's Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain
-Kimiki's Maude
-Key's Carnage
-Cal Callisto's Gen13 Freefall
-Punky's Sora
-Satori's Self-Portrait
-Emby Quinn's Emby Quinn (yes, the first one, not the 2001 one)
-Aragonite's Mad Hatter
-Mary Chan's Narcissa Malfoy
-Sarah Penguin's Leo
(damn..there's still so much more i love :( )

9) Top 3 favourite male dolls? (wonders why only 3 :|) Rick Cramer-Kid's Nigel, Glyndon's Flea ;), Rick Cramer's Harlequin

10) What would you do if OtakuWorld blew up and there was no more KiSS dolls, EVER???!!!! i'd be sad about OW blowing up..afterall, that's where i originally got my first thousands of KiSS dolls...but i dont think there wouldn't be an end to KiSS dolls (i HOPE there won't be :|), and by God, if it DOES end, i will learn how to make KiSS dolls on my own!!


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