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that time of the year

'tis the season to go shopping, falalalala..lalalala..

nothing too fancy schmancy, it's only to Pasar Senen, the greatest thrift market evah!

too bad they've raised the prices now, i can no longer get any item for 1k rupiah (that's like..10 cents); the cheapest item i got today was for 5k.
so i spent 56k rupiah today, and got...8 items:
-long-ish grey sweater (i.e. kinda like a very short dress) with supersize collar/turtleneck -> 18k (most expensive buy)
-pink v-neck sweater -> 6.5k
-grey wrap top (low v-neck) -> 6.5k
-orange v-neck tee with 3/4 sleeves -> 5k
-yellow chrome wool-ish skirt -> 5k
-stripey green-brown tee with tall collar/turtleneck & those strap buttons on the left side of the collar, and long sleeves -> 5k
-black lowry's farm sweater (YAY! i <3 lowry's farm) with sabrina neckline and strap buttons all along the sleeve-sides -> 5k
-dark blue/white-patterned 60's dress with ties around the neck -> 5k

yeah they're all either sweaters or long sleeved tees (except for the dress...just coudn't help buying it), cuz i'm moving to the north pole soon! (not really, but close anyway)

tomorrow, is a day to hunt for thermal underwear (yeah, as geeky as it may sound, i DON'T want to have my new life there ruined just because i freeze in the middle of a walk between my apartment to the bus station :p).
so yeah, better be safe than sorry ;> (also the reason why i always carry an umbrella no matter where i go..yes, even to see concerts and such!)


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Oct. 1st, 2006 12:46 pm (UTC)
gw nga pernah ke pasar senin. seringnya ke pasar baru. rok 10k, kemeja 15k. senang!
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