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the simple wedding

Dear family & friends,
Please enjoy our fairytaleCollapse )

kiss doll fan

found this KiSS doll survey in OW forum (since i'm not a member, i can't post there..i think :p so yeah...i'm gonna do this here!)
i know no one here cares..i bet none of my friends (except the KiSS artists here) even have a CLUE what KiSS dolls are..
so yeah, consider this one of those meaningless entries :p


Eidl Fitr, Freya, and 1 happy night

eidl fitr, eid al fitri, idul fitri...i wonder what's the exact term for it in English.
whatever. the point is, happy ...... (fill in the blank with the term most convenient to you) day!!

went to Bude Mang's house, as always.
met cousin Miya (aka Elmo) and her sister there, talked and ate..and showed a few of Freya's pix to her.
had a small marriage-consultation with my other cousin, she even gave me a bit of "financial help" T__T *touched*

so this is the last eidl fitr day i'll celebrate here in Jakarta before a very long time...i wonder when's the next time i can eat ketupat again..and the delicioso soybean powder...argh T__T

hmm..Freya held my hand (or..finger) tonight ^__^ she's so cute..and so incredibly smart for a 9 day old baby. whenever she's going to sleep, she'll take off her pacifier from her own mouth, either by tongue or hands...*wonders why babies are so cute*
and she's now opening her eyes more often (though, i know, babies can't see that well yet), and often looks at me for a veeeeery long time..which usually will end up making me kiss her hand (she's lucky i've never bitten her for being so cute T__T)

yesterday, i met up with Lia and Rini..could be the last time i can see them before a very long time too.. T.T
usually back then, one of us would have to go home quicker than the others..but yesterday, we all stayed as long as we could, cuz yeah...we will all miss our times like those soon..
hugged each other as we bid our goodbyes, cried a bit..but i know i will meet them again, and i will keep the memory of that one happy night (and years of our friendship) forever, keep my head up high and walk to the future.

rain rain, please come..

it looks a bit dark here for 3pm, yet it's still not raining..darn it.

11 days left.

when i see Freya, i feel like crying cuz..well, i'll be departing with her (and my whole family and friends here) soon, and it just...crushes my heart sometimes.
but i know, i know..i'll see her again, i'll also see my whole family and friends again, and hey, soon i'll be reunited with my hubby, so yeah..i also am very happy on the other hand.

..just that my heart/mind is a bit confused cuz one part wants to cry and the other wants to just hop around the room and sing happily.

13 days to go..

..that's also how many days left i have to spend with all my family here, my friends, and most important of all...with Freya T.T

yes..i just got a new niece last Monday, Oct 16th 2006, on 10.24pm.
my sister gave birth to a lovely baby girl after 17 hours of labouring (yeowch!!).
it was all worth it, when we saw the cute itty bitty baby...uuuwwwwww T__T so cute..

so her name is Freya Malaika Samantha Lumunon.
Freya = goddess of war or strength or whatever from the Vikings' mythology (and a name common in Finland, ha!)
Malaika = dunno where it originated from, but at least it means exactly like the Indonesian word that sounds like it (Malaikat), which is "angel".
Samantha = the name of my sister's husband's old friend who passed away already.
Lumunon = family name, duh.

so far, i've seen her yawn, blink her eyes, loll out her tongue, sneeze, laugh in her sleep, raise both arms while sleeping, and of course: cry.
and yet..we never get tired of seeing her..

hard to imagine that i'll leave that beautiful baby in 13 days..
but yes, i have a life of my own, and she will have a life on her own too..
and when she grows up...there's always a place for her (and my whole family, of course) in Finland ^__~

ps. pix will be added later..i don't have the heart yet to expose her on the internet..poor baby..(but she is one photogenic baby, i'll tell you that..)

shallow-ish dilemma *ick*

originally from i17.ebayimg.com/04/i/06/9e/d4/af_1_b.JPG

my dream shoes from when i was like 5 years old or something..(whenever it was when i first saw Wizard of Oz, the movie).

though i'm now 20 years older, and know for a fact that Dorothy's original shoes were silver (in the book) and not red, i can't help longing for these shoes still...and i saw them last Monday (or at least something veeeeeeeeeery similar that i can actually walk around in...cuz they're flat :p) at this..mainstream-ish boutique.. *ick*.

the only problem is, the price is..er..a tad expensive. at least i've never spent that much for a pair of shoes T.T but my damn brain converts the price to euros, and then it's not so expensive anymore..

plus..they're flat..i'll wear them all the time (except for winter), i swear! T.T

oh dear..i wish i can just click my heels 3 times and have the shoes put on my feet without me having to pay for those.
but then maybe i'll dance all day and night in those, like hans christian's the red shoes story...what am i talking about *__*

why do i like red shoes so much, be it the beautiful one like these or the hyperactive one like hans'??

that time of the year

'tis the season to go shopping, falalalala..lalalala..

nothing too fancy schmancy, it's only to Pasar Senen, the greatest thrift market evah!

too bad they've raised the prices now, i can no longer get any item for 1k rupiah (that's like..10 cents); the cheapest item i got today was for 5k.
so i spent 56k rupiah today, and got...8 items:
-long-ish grey sweater (i.e. kinda like a very short dress) with supersize collar/turtleneck -> 18k (most expensive buy)
-pink v-neck sweater -> 6.5k
-grey wrap top (low v-neck) -> 6.5k
-orange v-neck tee with 3/4 sleeves -> 5k
-yellow chrome wool-ish skirt -> 5k
-stripey green-brown tee with tall collar/turtleneck & those strap buttons on the left side of the collar, and long sleeves -> 5k
-black lowry's farm sweater (YAY! i <3 lowry's farm) with sabrina neckline and strap buttons all along the sleeve-sides -> 5k
-dark blue/white-patterned 60's dress with ties around the neck -> 5k

yeah they're all either sweaters or long sleeved tees (except for the dress...just coudn't help buying it), cuz i'm moving to the north pole soon! (not really, but close anyway)

tomorrow, is a day to hunt for thermal underwear (yeah, as geeky as it may sound, i DON'T want to have my new life there ruined just because i freeze in the middle of a walk between my apartment to the bus station :p).
so yeah, better be safe than sorry ;> (also the reason why i always carry an umbrella no matter where i go..yes, even to see concerts and such!)

pet peeves

i hate it when people don't return my things.
i hate it when people don't pay for the clothes they've ordered from me.
i hate it when they pretend as if they forget it everytime they meet me.
i hate it when people take my kindness for granted.

i hate them all.

maybe it IS better to be a bad man, than to be a kind-hearted one who always ends up getting used.

work, brain, work...

You Are From the Moon

You can vibe with the steady rhythms of the Moon.
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You Failed 8th Grade Science

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ms. worrywart 2006

so tomorrow i'll call the Finnish embassy to find out if my visa is granted or not. then maybe, i'll be able to sleep better at nights..just maybe.

then i'd have to start packing..*looks at my stuffs and tries not to think about it* oh dear..maybe i won't start sleeping better afterall :-s

fyi, i've never been in winter before..so..what kind of shoes do you wear for walking down the streets in winter time, other than boots and sport shoes?? i mean, i want more feminine shoes i guess (but preferrably flats, cuz i really don't like high-heeled ones), that i can also wear in winter..but damn it, i know nothing of winter :|

and..is thermal underwear REALLY necessary? oh God..