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Eidl Fitr, Freya, and 1 happy night

eidl fitr, eid al fitri, idul fitri...i wonder what's the exact term for it in English.
whatever. the point is, happy ...... (fill in the blank with the term most convenient to you) day!!

went to Bude Mang's house, as always.
met cousin Miya (aka Elmo) and her sister there, talked and ate..and showed a few of Freya's pix to her.
had a small marriage-consultation with my other cousin, she even gave me a bit of "financial help" T__T *touched*

so this is the last eidl fitr day i'll celebrate here in Jakarta before a very long time...i wonder when's the next time i can eat ketupat again..and the delicioso soybean powder...argh T__T

hmm..Freya held my hand (or..finger) tonight ^__^ she's so cute..and so incredibly smart for a 9 day old baby. whenever she's going to sleep, she'll take off her pacifier from her own mouth, either by tongue or hands...*wonders why babies are so cute*
and she's now opening her eyes more often (though, i know, babies can't see that well yet), and often looks at me for a veeeeery long time..which usually will end up making me kiss her hand (she's lucky i've never bitten her for being so cute T__T)

yesterday, i met up with Lia and Rini..could be the last time i can see them before a very long time too.. T.T
usually back then, one of us would have to go home quicker than the others..but yesterday, we all stayed as long as we could, cuz yeah...we will all miss our times like those soon..
hugged each other as we bid our goodbyes, cried a bit..but i know i will meet them again, and i will keep the memory of that one happy night (and years of our friendship) forever, keep my head up high and walk to the future.

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