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13 days to go..

..that's also how many days left i have to spend with all my family here, my friends, and most important of all...with Freya T.T

yes..i just got a new niece last Monday, Oct 16th 2006, on 10.24pm.
my sister gave birth to a lovely baby girl after 17 hours of labouring (yeowch!!).
it was all worth it, when we saw the cute itty bitty baby...uuuwwwwww T__T so cute..

so her name is Freya Malaika Samantha Lumunon.
Freya = goddess of war or strength or whatever from the Vikings' mythology (and a name common in Finland, ha!)
Malaika = dunno where it originated from, but at least it means exactly like the Indonesian word that sounds like it (Malaikat), which is "angel".
Samantha = the name of my sister's husband's old friend who passed away already.
Lumunon = family name, duh.

so far, i've seen her yawn, blink her eyes, loll out her tongue, sneeze, laugh in her sleep, raise both arms while sleeping, and of course: cry.
and yet..we never get tired of seeing her..

hard to imagine that i'll leave that beautiful baby in 13 days..
but yes, i have a life of my own, and she will have a life on her own too..
and when she grows up...there's always a place for her (and my whole family, of course) in Finland ^__~

ps. pix will be added later..i don't have the heart yet to expose her on the internet..poor baby..(but she is one photogenic baby, i'll tell you that..)


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Oct. 20th, 2006 07:36 pm (UTC)
FREYA=sangat tidak pasaran! keren juga.
Oct. 21st, 2006 02:13 pm (UTC)

pasti seneng banget yaah, kalo ada new addition in a family..

congrats juga bwat puni-chan (maap TELAT) yang udah menemukan soulmate-nya, hahaha... aku mendoakan kebahagiaan puni dan hubbynya, yaaa! don't forget to share all about your life in finland..
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